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Camping at the top of the Mols Bjerge National Park


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Camping at the top of the Mols Bjerge National Park

Rugaard Camping is a relaxing family site. It is centrally located between Grenå and Ebeltoft. The site is located in a protected area, and most campsites have sea views.

The beach offers some of the best coastal fishing water in Denmark.

The central location also makes the campsite ideal as a base for the many sights on Djursland.

Campsite close to Djursland's sights

If you’re looking to explore outside the campsite, you take a hike in nearby Mols Bjerge National Park. Here you will be able to experience a large variety of Danish scenery as well as some of Denmark’s rarest nature.

If you’re interested in exotic animals, Rugaard Camping is only a short distance from Ree Park Safari.

A holiday at Rugaard Camping allows you to enjoy both the quiet, rural atmosphere of the beach, as well as the facilities of Ebeltoft and Grenå where there is even more to experience.


Explore the scenery around the campsite. Go for a walk in the woods or enjoy a bike ride, out and about in Djursland


Take a trip to Ebeltoft or Grenå. Here, you can experience the Kattegatcenter or the Frigate Jylland, and more.


Take a walk along the beach, enjoy a swim, or make the most of the excellent fishing opportunities. Alternatively, take in the magnificent views of the Kattegat.

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