With the sea as your nearest neighbour

The coast along Rugaard Camping offers some of the best fishing waters in Denmark. From the shore, you can catch a variety of species. In particular, the trout, mackerel, needlefish and flounder fishing is excellent. It is also possible to rent a dinghy if you would prefer to fish for cod and pollack.

The relatively deep water also makes it a popular beach among divers

If you prefer, you can rent cabins at Rugaard Camping for your fishing stay.

A fishing tale from Rugaard Camping holds a number of different fishing competitions every year. These include the “fjord to fjord” contest. During this particular weekend, sea trout are what matters. On one occasion, Rugaard Camping had just invested in new sleeper cabins, which had been rented out to anglers for the contest. But the weather was terrible. It was windy. The water was full of seaweed, and very murky. Three anglers stayed in one of the cottages, and who knows how far they drove that weekend, hoping to find a cove or bay where it was possible to fish. But to no avail. To add insult to injury, a fish was caught just 800 m north of the campsite (4.67 kg, 65.9 cm) as they were trying to fish in Bugtrup creek. That fish held on to first place in the competition for a long time.

The Sunday morning of the story

But on Sunday morning, the three anglers decided to try one last time. It was a despondent group that trudged off that day. They were probably all wondering what they had wasted their weekend on!

I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy my morning coffee in one of the most beautiful places in Denmark. And that Sunday I stood there, with my coffee. Suddenly, I saw the three men approaching (very quickly). Something had changed…. Their frowns were upside down!

The fish was weighed in at the last minute (luckily, there were no speed traps on the way to Trige). It weighed 4.77 kg and measured 71 cm. And won the competition!